Buy PokemonGO Items! Pay us to hatch your eggs! CHEAP!

New York, NY, USA
$ 1 Neg.
Prices range from 1$-4$ For one dollar, we can give you 50 Pokeballs, and Around 3 Eggs. For 2$ We will give you 100 Pokeballs, 50 Great balls (If you are the correct level), and 6 Eggs. For 3$ You get 150 Pokeballs, 100 Great balls (If your the correct level), and a full inventory of eggs! For 4$, You will get 200 Pokeballs, 150 Great Balls, and We will hatch 2 Eggs!

How it works?

All you have to do is message us and tell us what package you would like. We will respond telling you the price of it and aproximately how long it will take for us to get your package. After you send us the payment via Paypal, We will ask you to change either your Pokemon Trainer account password, Or Google password to a special code. After that you will send us your username and we will log on and Collect your items for you! After we get them, we will notify you, and you can change your password back to what it was before!
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