Pokemon Go Account 22 Level with strong pokemons!!!!

New York, NY, USA
$ 35 Neg.
Pokemon Go Account for sale Level 22 including:

-strong Dragonites 2000+ CP
-many more pokemons
-138/151 Pokedex
-50000+ sturdust
-Many candies and stardust so you can spend it wherever you like
and many more as you can see at the fotos
-no team chosen & no name
-you get the ptc account & e-mail so that you can have the total control of the account!!
-legitimate leveled by physical persons in central park so that the account stays SECURED FROM BAN!!!!
-instant delivery or within 6-8 hours. You'll get the account 100% after payment
-all info will be sent on paypal e-mail.
-paypal is accepted!!
-no refunds
-possitive feedback is appreciated
-Last 3 accounts..so Hurry!!! :D

Thank you!!!
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