Pokemon Go Account 33lvl dragon2770 very rare Pokemon!

Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine
$ 50
If you want to start your Pokemon Go journey ahead of the competition then look no further. Having this account will save you 3-4 weeks of hunting Pokemons and is all set up and ready for you to start with a rich PokeDex. Please see the details of this account below. I have also included a list of Pokemons available to this account. As shown below, most Pokemons have very high IV. It is important to specify that the items marked with (*) and the Pokemon list were accurate at the time of listing. The account has been growing since then and it is very likely now further along than it was when the listing was posted. So you will have an account with far better values than below.

Please note that once the username and password have been sent, the payment becomes non-refundable.
LVL 33
Dragonite 2770
Rainer 2507
Arcanine 2486
Golem 2013
Clefable 1950
Hypno 1900
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