Pokemon egg hatching (CT)

Connecticut, USA
$ 0
Got a few eggs that need hatching but don't have the time to hatch them
yourselves? Let me do the hatching for you. I will personally walk and hatch your eggs.

2km eggs - $2
5km eggs - $5
10km eggs - $10

I would prefer to only work with clients that use a Pokemon trainer account. Otherwise you understand that I would need to log in with your gmail account.

There are no use of 3rd party programs so there is no risk to you or myself. I also prefer to work with clients from the Connecticut area as logging in from another state might flag your account with Niantic.

If you do not have a pokemon trainer account I will guarentee the safety of your Gmail account. I will not pry in to your personal email and I will not give out your information.
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Molly MacLellan Seller

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