PokeStop Collection Service

California, MD, USA
I'm sure you are in the same situation I have found myself in quite a few times now. Trying to catch a pokemon to find yourself out of poke balls or razz berries.

I will collect pokestops for you!

Packages are as follows:
10Pokestops 5$ (.50 per stop)
25Pokestops 12$ (.48 per stop)
45Pokestops 21$ (.46 per stop)

Upon purchase you will provide a location near you. I will then use that location and collect pokestops nearby.

I would prefer to only work with clients that use a Pokemon trainer account. Unless you understand that I would need to log in with your gmail account.

*The service is completely risk free and whatever your location is, our services are available everywhere!
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Brandon Mcward Seller

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