Egg Hatching Service!

Sarnia, ON, Canada
$ 5
Live in the Area? Too busy to walk and hatch your eggs?

I have the solution for you!

My name is Caelan Hill, and for $5/km I will WALK and hatch your eggs for you! You can also hatch Multiple Eggs at the same time; you could have two 5km eggs and a 10km egg and hatch all three for $50 since I'd be walking only 10km!

For an added fee of $5/km (so $10/km) I will even stop to grab PokéStops and catch Pokémon for you (so long as you have the space)!

How this works is we would meet up at the spot I will be walking (usually the Waterfront) and you will log into your account on my device. I WILL NOT USE YOUR PHONE.

If interested, let me know!
249 views - published Jul 20, 2016

Caelan Hill Seller

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