Level 15+ Pokemon Go Account

Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
$ 95
Level 15+ Pokemon Go Account for sale.

A lot of Rare Pokemon such as Hitmonchan, Kabutops, Electabuzz, Poliwrath, Omastar, Magneton, Pinsir, Golduck, Golbat. There is over 35,000 stardust so boost up your favorite to the max!

64+ Caught Pokemon in the pokedex.

Items Include: Lucky Eggs, Incense, Lure Modules, Incubators, Lots of Potions and Pokeballs.

The buyer will get full access to the gmail account which was created for this Pokemon Go account and will be able to set 2-factor authentication and recovery methods, to ensure the account is fully theirs!

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Marvin Seller

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